Monday, March 02, 2009

the weekend, in short

(I spent the weekend visiting family in Houston and Galveston.)

Things that sucked:
- visiting a not-yet-repaired Hurricane Ike-damaged home and discovering a break-in
- encountering a flat tire due to demolition debris
- accidentally breaking IE while installing a Windows Update on someone else's computer
- landing at SFO in rain that was blowing sideways

Things that didn't suck:
- filing a police report for said break-in with a really sympathetic cop
- helping to celebrate a 61st birthday with food, friends, family, and ice cream cake
- hearing about $130,000 worth of poker winnings
- eating surprisingly delicious homemade gua bao
- teaching people to use Firefox and Chrome (albeit out of necessity, due to broken IE)
- catching up with a happily expecting couple over cheap and yummy Tex-Mex

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