Friday, March 23, 2007

the magic glove

I played softball my last two years in high school. We were a completely new team; most of us had never played softball before except in gym class, and when we first got out on the field, the coach was literally showing us how to wear the batting helmets properly. Most of us didn't own gloves (I'd borrowed mine from my brother; it was his Little League outfield glove), so the coach had brought a bunch of her old ones.

The oldest one was so beat up that it was completely flat, and had turned a brownish-grey color, but we soon discovered that it was the best of the bunch, and dubbed it the "magic glove". It was so soft that when a ball hit it anywhere near the middle, the sides would automatically collapse on it. I think it may have also been a little stickier from having been used so much. Anyway, we used to fight over the magic glove, because we were all convinced it made us better fielders (I swear it did, at least for me).

I suddenly remembered all of this today, when a friend was raving about her new softball glove.

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