Sunday, March 18, 2007

yet more wedding-related activities

Yesterday, after spending the morning at an organizational brunch for one wedding, I went to a bridal shower / bachelorette party for another bride-to-be.

This one was pretty well done; the hostess put together a really nice lunch (most of which I didn't eat because I'd just had brunch), with pretty decorations and homemade dessert, and we did the standard spa thing, this time at Burke Williams Santana Row, and then headed up to the city for dinner, drinks, etc.

We had 7pm reservations at supperclub san francisco. Unfortunately, none of us had ever been there before. Even more unfortunately, we hadn't eaten since about noon. Apparently, the deal at supperclub is that there is one seating, at 7:30pm, and for the next 4-5 hours they slowly feed you courses of food, while you lounge around on beds drinking cocktails and/or dancing on the ground floor.

Here are a few photos:

dinner in bedopen kitchen
tough love from the "hostess"live entertainment

By the time we were served the first course, which was a small smoked salmon salad, it was past 8pm. Over the next two hours we were served a glass of onion soup and a fish (or tofu) appetizer, but at 10:30pm, we still hadn't had the main course yet. We left at 11:30pm after finishing our porkchops, without having had dessert.

It was really too bad; if we had had a snack or something beforehand, I think we could have had a much better time. Even as it was, the first two hours were fun from an "interesting experience" and "cool concept" perspective. But, hungry people are generally cranky people, and we were definitely hungry for most of the night. Afterwards, I went home, and the rest of the girls stopped for porridge in Chinatown before hitting the bar scene.

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